Saturday, September 3, 2011

French Postcard Magazine Table

I bought this magazine table a couple of weeks ago, and it was in pretty bad shape. I know I paid too much for what it was, but I could see the potential. Even though it was filthy and needed a lot of love, I felt I had something to work with.
A lot of gluing and clamping was necessary!!
I used ASCP in Country Grey and Graphite. I chose the Country Grey because it is similar in color to a vintage postcard. I like the contrast between the two colors.

Even though I thought I was done with the gluing and clamping, I kept noticing more that needed to be done!
I created a "postcard" in word, using the Graphics Fairy image as inspiration. I used a pencil to mark behind the lettering so I could trace onto table top.

I then painted on top of penciling. And painted the legs of the table in Country Grey and the magazine holder portion in Graphite. I waxed the whole table in clear, and then added light brown briwax on top of AS clear wax.

All done!!


  1. The table looks incredible I love the graphic and the colors. Stop by for a blog visit, I'm your newest follower.

  2. Oooohhh, just the PRETTIEST little table...LOVE your graphic re-do!!

  3. I love this table!!! It is just wonderfully fantastic!!!

  4. Very your blog!